Breakfast 10.00-12.00


Morning porridge with banana slices, raw jam or salty butter 2.50 €


Cheese omelette with balsamic beetroot and green salad 3.90 €, bacon or mushrooms ragù supplement 1.00 €


Cold smoked salmon and avocado mash sandwich with tomato and green salad

5.90 €

Morning smoothie 3.50 €


Pancakes with raw jam and quark cream 2.50 €




Cold smoked salmon salad with poached egg, capers, roasted cherry tomatoes, parmesan, green salad, herbs and honey-mustard vinaigrette 7.50 €


Caramelized goat cheese on ciabatta with balsamic beetroot, green salad, roasted cashews and fresh pesto sauce 7.50 €


Potato and fried bacon salad with chickpeas, fried egg, balsamic beetroot, green salad, herbs and fresh pesto sauce 6.50 €



Mushroom quiche with green salad 3.90 €


Cold smoked salmon and zucchini quiche with green salad 4.50 €




Duck borscht 3.90 €


Rich fish soup with clear broth 4.50 €




Vegetable pasta with lamb sausage in tomato sauce 4.90 €


Mushroom pasta in creamy pesto sauce 4.90 €


Spinach-ricotta ravioli with sage butter 5.50 €


Main Dishes


Crispy pork with mushroom ragù and mustard sauce 8.90 €


Slow cooked duck leg with drunken pear and red wine sauce 8.90 €


Panfried pike perch fillet with green pea mash and creamy white wine sauce  10.90 €


Chickpea patties with grilled paprika and spicy tomato sauce 7.90 €


Side dishes (1 side dish on your choice):

-       buttered potatoes

-       green salad

-       oven-roasted vegetables


For children


Tagliatelle with chicken fillet 3.50 €


Meatballs with fried potatoes, cucumber-tomato slices and sour cream 3.50 €


Pancakes with raw jam and vanilla ice-cream 2.50 €




Winter Pavlova with mascarpone cream, blackcurrant confit, blackcurrants and mango sauce 4.50 €


Warm apple tart with vanilla ice-cream and berry sauce 4.50 €


Ice cream with raw jam and nut croquant 2.50 €