Breakfast 10.00-12.00


Morning porridge with strawberry raw jam or salty butter 2.50 €


Omelette with feta cheese, vegetables and roasted pumpkin seeds 4.00 €


Crispy bacon and fried egg bruschetta with grilled tomato, parmesan, roasted pumpkin seeds and fresh herbs 4.50 €

Bruschetta with cold smoked salmon, avocado mash and poached egg 5.90 €


Bruschetta with buffalo mozzarella, tomato and fresh pesto 4.50 €


Pancakes with quark filling and raw strawberry jam 4.50 €



Mushroom quiche with green salad 4.50 €


Cold smoked salmon and zucchini quiche with green salad 4.50 €


Smoked chicken and blue cheese quiche with green salad 4.50 €




Strawberry, feta cheese and avocado salad with orange dressing 6.50 €


Chicken Caesar salad / with Tiger prawns 7.50 €/ 9.50 €


Baked goat cheese salad with quinoa, peach, green salad and lemon-mint dressing

8.50 €


Warm pork salad with vegetables, new potatoes and fried mushrooms 7.50 €




Clear vegetable soup with chicken knels 4.50 €


Rich fish soup with clear broth 5.50 €




Mushrooms and chicken tagliatelle in creamy sauce 6.50 €


Seafood tagliatelle in tomato sauce 9.50 €


Udon noodles with fried vegetables 5.50 €


Ricotta and spinach tortellini in sage sauce 6.50 €


Main Dishes


Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with chimichurri sauce and new potatoes 9.50 €


Chicken steak with blue cheese sauce and fresh salad 9.50 €


Salmon “butterfly” with grilled vegetables and tartar-sauce 12.50 €


Falafels with Mediterranean herb sauce and grilled vegetables 8.50 €




Pavlova à la Müüriääre with mascarpone cream and fresh berries 5.00 €


Drunken pear with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream 4.50 €


Ice cream with strawberry raw jam and nut croquant 3.00 €