Chef de cuisine Rein Välimets

Breakfast 10.00-12.00


Full grain oat porridge 2.90 €

Milk or oat milk/ seed mix/ apple jam/ roasted almond flakes 


Cheese omelette 5.50 €

Crispy bacon or cold-smoked salmon/  marinated beet/ green salad


Pancakes 3.50 € 

Quark-cinnamon mousse/ banana/ appel-caramel sauce


Sandwiches and Quiches


Bacon sandwich 4.50 €

Crispy bacon/ fried egg/ ciabatta/ oven baked cherry tomatoes/ green salad


Baltic herring sandwich 4.50 €

Marinated Baltic herring/ quail egg/ marinated onion/ Müüriääre Pagar's rye bread/ caper mayonnaise


Cold smoked salmon sandwich 5.50 €

Cold smoked salmon/ radish/ marinated onion/ dill pickled cucumber/ crispy ciabatta/ Müüriääre pesto


Hummus bruschetta 4.50 €

Hummus/ crispy ciabatta/ sundried tomatoes/ Kalamata olives/ roasted pumpkin seeds/ green salad


Mushroom bruschetta 4.50 €

Mushroom ragout/ oyster mushroom tempura/ marinated cherry tomatoes/ green salad/ crispy ciabatta/ Müüriääre pesto

Cold smoked salmon quiche 4.50 €

Green salad/ marinated cherry tomatoes/ pesto sauce

Mushroom quiche 4.50 €

Green salad/ marinated cherry tomatoes/ pesto sauce


With Wine


Tapas selection for two 9.50 €

Ask a waitress for selection


Salads and Soups


Goat cheese salad 7.90 €

Goat cheese/ marinated oven baked beet/ roasted nuts/ green salad/ crispy ciabatta/ apple-caramel sauce


Chicken pâté salad 6.50 €

Chicken liver pâté/ blackcurrant and onion jam/ roasted nuts/ green salad/ crispy ciabatta/ apple-caramel sauce


Onion soup 4.50 €

Roasted and pureed onion/ crispy ciabatta/ mayonnaise with hard cheese/

marinated onion/ crispy onion flakes


Main Dishes


Chicken and mushroom pasta 7.50 €

Mushroom ragout/ chicken fillet/ sundried tomatoes/ hard cheese/ spinach leaves


Shrimp pasta 7.90 €

Buttered shrimps/ marinated cherry tomatoes/ hard cheese / fresh herbs/ tomato-chili sauce


Beet orzotto 7.50 €

Jahu-Jaani Farm's barley orzotto/ beet purée/ oyster mushroom tempura/ spinach leaves/ hard cheese/ coriander and yoghurt sauce


Pike perch 11.50 €

Buttered pike perch/ roasted cauliflower/ marinated kale/ herby lemon and butter sauce


Moroccan lamb patty 9.50 €

Lamb patty seasoned with Moroccan spices/ celeriac purée/ green salad/ crispy onion flakes/ slightly spicy tomato sauce 


For Kids


Chicken skewer 4.50 €

Marinated chicken fillet/ roasted potatoes/ tomato and cucumber salad/ Müüriääre pesto sauce/ ketchup


Pesto pasta 4.50 €

Chicken fillet or meatballs/ cherry tomatoes/ grated cheese/ spinach leaves/ Müüriääre pesto sauce



Crème brûlée 4.50 €

Classic crème brûlée/ caramel-pumpkin purée / marinated cranberries


Wide selection of cakes 3.50 €


Ice cream selection 2.50 €

Sauce/ nut croquant